Sharankhola-Mathbaria ferry services to benefit thousands

The launch of a ferry service on the Baleshwar River in December, connecting Sharankhola in Bagerhat to Mathbaria in Pirojpur, is expected to herald a new era in communications and economic activity in the surrounding upazilas.

The Roads and Highways Department (RHD), is investing Tk 1.98 million to build a new ferry terminal at the river's bank in Rayenda, Sharankhola upazila.

Construction work began on the terminal in March. The goal is to complete the ramp to the pontoon by the end of October.

Farid Uddin (executive engineer at RHD Bagerhat) stated that once the terminal is completed, the ferries operating along the route -- between Rayenda, Sharankhola, and Baramachhua Terminal in Mathbaria -- should allow as many as 25 000 people to cross the river each day.

Locals are enthusiastic about the benefits of ferry services, which will allow ambulances, public transport, and other vehicles to cross the river.

Kamal Hossain is a trader by profession. He said that he spends between Tk 150 and Tk 300 each daily on boat fare because he has to travel back and forth from his home in Sharankhola to his business in Mathbaria.

He also stated that ferry services are a time- and cost-saving tool for frequent travelers like himself.

Chairman of Rayenda Union Parishad, Sharankhola upazila Ashaduzzaman Milon, expressed hope that better road communications and the use of ferry services between Rayenda, Baramachhua, will help to boost rural economies in the area.

Residents of Bagerhat and Pirojpur will be able to take a ferry over the Baleshwar River more easily and at a lower cost, according to Farid Uddin, Executive Engineer of Bagerhat RHD.


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